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Xavier college

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We are wanting to engage our students in a hands on coding project at lunchtimes. Open to anything. We are currently using, logo 3D, scratch, Wanting to give the students exposure to app and website creation. The program will be held at lunchtimes from 12:35 till 1:25 every Monday and/or Tuesday.

Project details
Name:Lunchtime code club
Status: Connected
Age range:9 to 14 years
Equipment:BYO - Laptops, iPads, bee bots, spheros, hoping to do some robotics also
Level of student experience:Logo 3D, scratch, some have experience with Codea
Time frame:Weekly
Number of students:30


No updates on this project yet, stay tuned!

School details

Map of school location
School name: Xavier college
School type: Primary
Location: Studley park Rd Melbourne Kew Vic 3101 Australia

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Catherine Wissell

Educator at Xavier college



Balendran Thavarajah

CtF Volunteer - Developer


Jason Xie

CtF Volunteer - Developer