Coding Club at Kalinda

Kalinda Primary School

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A lunchtime programming club for students from 3-6 focusing on understanding the basic language of programming, aiming to move into projects term 4, 2016. Children are introduced to the principles of computer coding languages using the online program Scratch ( Students are also beginning to experiment with the Sphero program using the SPRK LIGHTNING LAB APP.

Project details
Name:Coding Club at Kalinda
Status: Connected
Type:In class, Extracurricular
Age range:8 to 12 years
Equipment:12 Spheros, iPads, Macbooks, iMacs
Level of student experience:Some basic programming with both Scratch and Sphero
Time frame:I'm flexible
Number of students:30-40 between 2 teachers


No updates on this project yet, stay tuned!

School details

Map of school location
School name: Kalinda Primary School
School type: Primary
Location: 39-49 Kalinda Road Ringwood VIC 3134 Australia

Project connected



Russell Monaghan

Educator at Kalinda Primary School


Rajitha Wijayaratne

CtF Volunteer - Developer