Fun with Intel Galileos

Aitken Creek Primary School

Our school has just received a delivery of 4 Intel Galileo Boards from Digital Careers. Students in years 5/6 will have the opportunity to learn about the boards and create their own projects. They will enter their creations in the Young ICT Explorers competition. It will only be a small group of interested students so times and days are flexible.

Project details
Name:Fun with Intel Galileos
Status: Connected
Type:In class
Age range:10 to 12 years
Equipment:1:1 iPads. MacBook AIrs.
Level of student experience:Little. Some visual programming language experiences with Blockly and Hopscotch.
Time frame:I'm flexible
Number of students:7


No updates on this project yet, stay tuned!

School details

Map of school location
School name: Aitken Creek Primary School
School type: Primary
Location: 51-81 Grevillea Street Craigieburn VIC 3064 Australia

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Bec Spink

Educator at Aitken Creek Primary School


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Stephen Deutsch

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