Year 8 elective Coding

Methodist Ladies' College

To improve the learning in coding and apply it to authentic tasks. To be able to relate coding to other learning. To have an understanding of the place of coding in technology, mathematics and science,

Project details
Name:Year 8 elective Coding
Status: Connected
Type:In class
Age range:12 to 13 years
Equipment:All students have own laptops. Arduino boards are available. Happy to purchase other needed items.
Level of student experience:Some experience
Time frame:Weekly
Number of students:12


No updates on this project yet, stay tuned!

School details

Map of school location
School name: Methodist Ladies' College
School type: Primary, Secondary
Location: Barkers Road Hawthorn VIC 3122 Australia

Project connected


Alma Tooke

Educator at Methodist Ladies' College



Jonny Sagorin

CtF Volunteer - Developer