Guest Speaker (face to face)- Technology Design

Holy Rosary School, Kensington

We would like a guest presenter to speak to our students about what it takes to be a designer of technology. Our students aim is to create a simple design in the area of Communication, Service, Entertainment or Health and Wellbeing. The key messages we'd like students to come away with are: Products need to go through a design process. Technology is used to solve problems. Designers need to identify problems and take risks to solve them. Coding enables technical products to exist. Creativity and coding has changed our society in many ways. Coding can be used to solve problems as well as create new products. Dates and times for the presentation are flexible. Please click on the 'volunteer' button to connect with us and discuss further.

Project details
Name:Guest Speaker (face to face)- Technology Design
Status: Connected
Type:In class, One-time
Age range:9 to 10 years
Equipment:Small number of iPads, Makey Makeys and Chrome Books.
Level of student experience:Minimal
Time frame:I'm flexible
Number of students:43


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School details

Map of school location
School name: Holy Rosary School, Kensington
School type: Primary
Location: 37 Gower Street Kensington VIC 3031 Australia

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Educator at Holy Rosary School, Kensington


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