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Laurimar PS

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We are developing a unit where students look into what coding and computational thinking is with an end project in mind where students work in small groups to create an app that will improve the way we do things. In our mentor we are hoping for: 1) guidance and knowledge about where to start with such a project (i.e. planning and prep) 2) assistance with directing us towards resources that will help 3) setting up a unit where students will not only learn about coding but understand how and where it is used today.

Project details
Name:Create an App
Status: Unconnected
Type:In class
Age range:11 to 13 years
Equipment:1 to 1 iPad devices, Macbooks, Bee Bots, Sphero's
Level of student experience:Beginner
Time frame:I'm flexible
Number of students:160
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School details

Map of school location
School name: Laurimar PS
School type: Primary
Location: Armidale Road Doreen VIC 3754 Australia

Project unconnected


Rhett McDonald

Educator at Laurimar PS