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Marlborough Primary School

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This term, I will work with a small groups of female grade 5/6 students as part of my WISE Changemakers course to encourage greater participation of females in STEM. We hope to start by creating a powerpoint that takes users through a series of steps that helps them to filter through a self-regulation process in order to direct them to the most appropriate "calm down" activity so that they can self-regulate their mood. eg, moving from a state of being angry, sad, disengaged, upset, overstimulated, anxious, fidgety etc.. to that of being more calm and ready to re-engage in class. We would then LOVE it if someone from Code the future could help us to develop this powerpoint prototype into an app that can be used within our school by all children so that we have a collective responsibility towards our students mental health & wellbeing, empowering them to self-regulate their emotions. This may then be used in other schools if successful :) We are so eager to get started so if anyone is willing to help us on our journey, please contact me, Mel Douglas, as soon as possible.

Project details
Name:Wellbeing regulation app development project
Status: Connected
Type:In class
Age range:11 to 12 years
Equipment:laptops OR iPads - ideally the app could be developed for both
Level of student experience:nil on app development
Time frame:Weekly
Number of students:4 - 6


No updates on this project yet, stay tuned!

School details

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School name: Marlborough Primary School
School type: Primary
Location: Hardy Crescent Heathmont VICTORIA 3135 AUSTRALIA

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Melinda Douglas

Educator at Marlborough Primary School



Manav Gadhoke

CtF Volunteer - Developer