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St Joseph's Primary School

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Our students have been using Scratch. Scratch is an introductory programming language that provides a great stepping stone into the more complex side of computer programming. They are becoming more adventurous and wish to create a game that works with their Makey Makey controllers - a game that is controlled by the arrow keys and the space bar. Following tutorials this has become a bit challenging so would love support!

Project details
Name:Code a Game
Status: Unconnected
Type:In class
Age range:7 to 12 years
Level of student experience:Beginner/Medium
Time frame:I'm flexible
Number of students:21 x 2
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School details

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School name: St Joseph's Primary School
School type: Primary
Location: 28 Sandham Street Elsternwick VIC 3185 Australia

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Katherine Guy

Educator at St Joseph's Primary School