Hamlyn Banks Primary School

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The students will have never used a BeeBot. The idea is that they will learn how to use them and the idea of them to come up with their own robot design, what it can do, and give 'coding'- like instructions to make it move or perform a task etc.. I have requested a BeeBot kit from CSER so until I get access we can't do a lesson on BeeBots and will have to do our lesson in a different way. So I am hoping that someone with Beebot experience could send me either a video or do a skype explaining information about beebots aimed at Grade 2 students where they can ask questions and have their answers in real time.

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Status: Unconnected
Age range:7 to 8 years
Level of student experience:None
Time frame:Other
Number of students:18
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School name: Hamlyn Banks Primary School
School type: Primary
Location: 2-24 Chaucer Street Hamlyn Heights VIC 3215 Australia

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Emma Pilgrim

Educator at Hamlyn Banks Primary School