App Development using Swift and X-Code

St Peter's Girls School

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3 teams are entering into a global competition (Technovation). As a class we are learning Swift to be able to develop an app that can go on the app store. We are using X-Code. We would like a mentor to work with our three teams to help them learn Swift and X-Code and also how to connect to a database. They have designed an app prototype using MIT App Inventor but would like to take it to the next level. Ideally our mentor will be someone with knowledge in app development. Swift and X-Code would be a bonus. It is important the students create these solutions themselves but we require assistance with some of the more advanced concepts particularly around database and app integration. We are flexible regarding timeframe and meeting commitments.

Project details
Name:App Development using Swift and X-Code
Status: Unconnected
Type:In class, Extracurricular, One-time
Age range:13 to 14 years
Equipment:Macbook Air Laptops
Level of student experience:Successfully built this app in app inventor, knowledge of Swift and X Code is minimal
Time frame:I'm flexible
Number of students:3 groups of 4
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School name: St Peter's Girls School
School type: Secondary
Location: Stonyfell Road Stonyfell SA 5066 Australia

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Monique Green

Educator at St Peter's Girls School