Learn web development using php

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We would like a guest presenter to speak to our students about <add topic here>. The key messages we'd like students to come away with are: - <add message / outcome here> - <add message / outcome here> - <add message / outcome here> Dates and times for the presentation are flexible. Please click on the 'volunteer' button to connect with us and discuss further.

Project details
Name:Learn web development using php
Status: Unconnected
Type:In class, Extracurricular, One-time
Age range:12 to 20 years
Equipment:laptop with lamp, wamp or xamp installed
Level of student experience:Student with basic knowledge of c or c++
Time frame:I'm flexible
Number of students:5
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School details

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School name: test school
School type: Secondary
Location: Newbury Street Boston MA 01841 United States

Project unconnected


aman kumar

Educator at test school