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Ricky is learning to code in Unity using Steam VR extension. We have an HTC Vive and he is hoping to create a themed activity for fellow students to partake in next year. He has made a strong start but needs help to get his project finished and ready for peers to try. Ricky is available from 17-21st December all day, as school has finished. In 2019, Ricky can meet with a mentor most afternoons from 4pm.

Project details
Name:VR Experience
Status: Unconnected
Age range:11 to 12 years
Equipment:HTC Vive, HP Omen desktop, Alienware laptop
Level of student experience:confident but learning along the way
Time frame:I'm flexible
Number of students:1
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School details

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School name: Bialik College
School type: Primary, Secondary
Location: 429 Auburn Rd Hawthorn East VIC 3123 Australia

Project unconnected


Roxanne Summer

Educator at Bialik College